Research is a team sport! Bringing together faculty, staff, and learners allows us to harness the unique knowledge, experience, and expertise in order to tackle the many challenges of providing high quality care to patients with musculoskeletal conditions and injuries.

Having spoken with Bryant Faust, Associate Dean and Registrar at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, I wanted to share the process for bringing individuals from different learner groups onto the medical campus. These guidelines apply to non-Hopkins students only. 

Visiting Medical Students These students typically join during away electives where they earn credit at their home medical school. These electives can be either clinical or research focused, typically last 4-9 weeks and are open to both US and international medical students. Interested students should visit the online portal six months prior to visiting to start the process.

Visiting Graduate Students These students are considered Trainees and are usually doctoral or masters level students with appointments lasting 9-12 months. Because the institution classifies these students as visitors, they need to be manually added to the IRB in order to take part in human subject research. Faculty interested in bringing a trainee to campus need to go through the online portal with at least 6 weeks advance notice (with additional time for international students). If paid, Trainees must be paid at the minimum stipend for a Hopkins student (unless paid by home institution).

The only way to bring non-Hopkins undergraduates to campus to participate in research is through the Volunteer Office with a maximum time of 4 weeks.  

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